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claim specialists.

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Trusted by leading

insurers & their customers since 2002.


If you have lost or damaged jewellery, Phenix is the bridge between you and your insurance company. We know how distressing it can be to lose or damage precious items, so we’re here to help make the claim process as smooth as possible. Click on any of the recommended links below to get started shopping or get to know us better by reading about us here.

$6,112.00 $3,055.38
$599.00 $379.50
$571.00 $209.19
$119.00 $58.80
$259.00 $127.96

If you've never made a jewellery claim before, and you're not quite sure what to expect, you can meet our validation team and learn about the process in this claims section.

Browse our education section and learn what it means to be a gemologist. Learn all about the 4 C’s and the ideal balance of characteristics that denote a gems value and rarity.

Platinum Card membership with Phenix offers you access to all our private showrooms and invitations to exclusive events and private sale days.


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Phenix Jewellery is the only specialist jewellery design and manufacturing company in the Asia Pacific specifically established to service the needs of the insurance industry and their claimants.

Each of our showrooms offer a wide range of jewellery, watches, catalogue items and individually crafted pieces, and the undivided attention from a dedicated Jewellery Consultant one on one with claimants.

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